Team Building

Team building

High Africa has many different activities to chose from. They are designed to challenge the problem solving capabilities of a group, with a test of their ability to work cohesively. Not all our activities are physical, which allows the less athletic participants to come to the fore. The programmes are carefully structured so that everybody participates. 

These activities include the following: 

  •  Long Walk to Freedom
  •  The Combat Wall
  •  Puzzle Bridge
  •  The Minefield
  •  Python Path
  •  The Snake Pit
  •  Formula 1
  •  Human Foosball
  •  Frisbee Golf
  •  Canoe Relay Races
  •  Missionaries and Cannibals
  •  Orienteering


High Africa also has developed a huge repertoire of fun games which can be played. In most cases these games have an underlying purpose and are brought into the programme where appropriate as ice-breakers, “getting to know each other”, time fillers etc. 

Games include: 

  • The Waiters Game
  • Tyre Pyramid
  • Volleyball
  • Thumb Puzzles
  • Golf Ball Maze
  • Minute to Win It
  • The Pipe Line